"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Introducing Me

It's good to see you here!

I've been nick-named "Debi" by using my childhood initials.

I wish we could pass the afternoon by your pop-in today!

I would serve you hot tea in one of my many teacups as we sit on my patio and become acquainted. I'd probably offer you some English shortbread or Malaysian "digestive biscuits". 
We would have so much to talk about!
As we visited, I share my travels to Indonesia, Malaysia, and even NYC. My children invite us to visit their homes in the most beautiful, interesting, and exciting places. We love the warm climate, the vast turquoise waters outlined by foamy waves on ocean beaches, sky reaching architecture, especially aged with history, and of course, laughter with family.

I'd love to show you the doodled edges of all my journal pages, my dabbled attempts in card making, and my collected memories in scrap books treasures. 
I'd show you all my paper crafting tools and how much fun it is to make Christmas tags and seasonal greeting cards. I'd show you samples of all the gifts I've given sweet shut-ins when I ventured to fill some of their lonely hours with a visit.
Then, we'd probably wander into my hobby room where  I could share my love for sewing, quilting, embroidery and cross stitching.
You would see all the bins, organized by project, lining the closet floor and know I had high hopes to create quilts for years to come. 
Most likely, you would know there's no need for me to shop for fabrics for quite some time!

 In our conversation, I know I would mention that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ was the most important decision in my life, and that I'm most thankful for His sacrificial death as my Savior and Lord. You'd realize that I love to proclaim His Grace and know my desire is for my loved ones to be reconciled to God through Christ. You would hear how each day is an adventure because I know I walk in His covenanted Presence, and you'd see my eyes gaze often toward the clouds as I wonder when He will call His friends to join Him in his kingdom.

We would enjoy the season.
If it's Spring, I'd excitedly point to new life in my Iris flower garden, while in summer, we could enjoy my patio
surrounded by a rainbow of potted flowers. 

In Fall, we'd kicked at falling leaves, while gazing over the variety of color in a garden of mums. You'd probably guess my favorite season because the warm autumn shades of garnet red, and splashes of golden brown creep into every room of my home. 

It was fun to introduce myself and allow you a window into my life. Hopefully, you enjoyed your visit and will pop in often to learn what adventure has grabbed my attention!

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