"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My New Book

"Coming Soon" changed to "ARRIVED" in my mailbox!

A couple of weeks ago, I excitedly joined the team for Mesu Andrew's BOOK LAUNCH, coordinated by Tina Chen at and since then, I've been waiting anxiously for a package to fill my mailbox.
On February 14th, Mesu Andrews gave her new book to me! It's cover is gorgeous with rich purple and golds and the artist caught a beautiful pair of eyes, making me love the main character's sweetness covered-up well by brave caution. I cannot wait to begin my new read!

Until I read Tina's link for Booknificent Thursday, I didn't know that February 14th was International Book Giving Day but will remember the gift given to me on this special day!

Sadly, I was not prepared to give away any books. I have bookcases in every room and could freely give many books away, but each time I dust the shelves, I am reminded of the joy I had in reading the book pulled off the shelf and add it to a basket to read real soon. Now, not only is my house full of bookshelves, but baskets rest in each room, overflowing with old favorites waiting to be read again!
Garage Sale
But February 14th was a long day away from home and my books as I served little ones on our missionary campus. I watch wonderful foreign missionary children while their parents are in training. This past week there were five little ones and on Friday, five more staff kids joined in the play.
We spent the day playing TOWN.
The room held a full-fledged layout with a bank, theater, jail, factory, home, church, garage, and so on. The children filled hours performing the business of daily chores they had seen their parents live. Play money was attained at the bank and spent everywhere around the room. I enjoyed listening to their conversations, their laws, the Scripture readings, and even the choice of movies (DVD) at the theater while enjoying real popcorn!

Church...Scripture Reading
A waitress graciously served snack at her restaurant and they even had fun around a supper table while their parents enjoyed a Valentine Dinner in the main dining room.
I was invited to join my husband and have adult conversation for a couple of hours, but I found our conversation was wrapped around our children, their play and the enjoyment I found hanging out with them.
I rushed back to the playroom for cleanup and tired good nights.

Mesu Andrews
It was a great week because of the great LOVE we all share in Jesus Christ.  This new book is based on God's precious Scriptures and segments of the story can be found in the Old Testament. Even before I begin my book, I want to say I appreciate Mesu's research and preparation. Even through fiction, her love for our Lord causes her pen to proclaim the goodness of God and His covenant of grace extended to each of us.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Big Snow of February

Everyone is marveling at the new amount of snow. My patio table already shows a good 7" pile and there's no sign of it letting up yet!

Weather channel reports:
1"/hour for 12 hours!
This may be unusual most of the time, but when it happens there are mixed feelings around the city! Smiling kids cheer for a snow day while parents rush to make arrangements to stay home. We're a little more prepared for it than the states south of us, yet the hills make some of the communities more challenging than the flat plains to our west.
Actually, this beautiful white stuff is so much easier on our trees, our driving experiences, and for clearing away than the dreadful black ICE we often find decorating our winter pavements.
For Don's January birthday, we decided to invest in more power and updated his little antique snow blower for a bright new self-propelled one.
Today, we are both very glad.
Immediately after a day in the office, Don started removal of snow with the turn of the key, rather than the failing and wearying yanking on a rope while pumping the primer!

Clearing the large long driveway only takes 1/2 the time and is so much easier to walk behind while the self-propelled blades move quickly and snow is blown further out of the way.
I can actually see the pavement as he makes his first trip across the driveway!
This storm is moving very quickly, piling wind-tossed snow in deep drifts. As I watch from the window, I'm saddened to see Don's well blown path filling quickly with snow as he moves on to another area.
A couple hours later in the evening, we looked outside to see the progress of the storm. It doesn't even look like the car was cleaned off, or the driveway cleared. The drifting is filling in so much we can hardly see the 3 foot wall to the south of the driveway.
So, as we relax in our warm home, we both know that he'll get to use his new toy at least another time for this snowstorm.