"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gearing Up Again!  
Because hopes for group companionship in posting never happened, this blog became silent. I enjoyed being the classroom facilitator as I taught the intellectual techniques for a spiritual climb, but looking back, I cannot accurately report on continual use of the supplied equipment nor the retention of lessons learned from the instructional manual.

Steadily, our studies covered seven summits in the time allotted. but for me, without input and feedback, there were many hours where it seemed I was climbing alone.  Finally, I observed classmates racing off to other interests and books, scarcely remembering the manual in their hurry.
On my own once again, I decided to continue the climb and discover the mountain range, and enjoyed many hours as breaking light touched my horizon.

Today, I was inspired by some phenomenal mountain photos by Jay Patel, which I enjoyed through my Google+ account. They reminded me of the mountains and valleys of my spiritual walk with my LORD Jesus Christ, the Creator of all nature's beauty. I quickly contacted the photographer to ask permission to portray them in describing my journey, and hopefully encourage you to go to his site to view more.
(Please click on the link below the photos and check them out for yourself!) 
Needless to say, I began writing again and hope you enjoy my thoughts!

For the past seven years, the journey upward caused many scraps and bruises, hindrances of stumbling blocks, and even some slippery pits leaving shadows of unbelief. There were times when surprise overtook my progress as other trekkers made false paths or gave wrong directions. Entertaining signs hiding slippery slopes and jagged cliffs remain from their cutting carelessness. As I continued my endeavor, I tried to help many lost, weary, and crippled travelers along the way, but embedded deceit made that particular climb almost too dangerous, so my Guide led to other helpers along the path.

There were times when the divisive winds and eventful storms surprised my fortitude, shattered my resolve, and caused me to drag in sheer exhaustion. On occasion, my Guide carried me with comforting words from His manual, requesting me to rest in the comfort of His love. Through these times, I've learned the warmth of His Presence, the surrender of fellowship from his sacrificial trek, and the endearing encouragement to keep my eyes focused on the horizon.
In addition to my Guide's companionship, it has also been exhilarating to meet fellow trekkers, and receive their helpful advice and tools, accompanied by their encouragement to continue climbing. Gifted individually, they became part of my life through printed conversations. I absorbed their shared testimonies of learned lessons in their personal climb, and try to heed the warnings they found along the path. Their diligence to keep godly priorities, follow their Guide closely, and make little habits and training vital in their daily routines challenged me. Their meek spirit boasted of faithfulness and their written goals continue to encourage younger climbers to stay on the path, reach upward and forever step heavenward.

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ole Wooden Eye Willy said...

Hi Doe,

This entry seemed at first to be the cry of one who was lonely - well looking for a friendship on line - and somewhat discouraged.
But as I continued reading it became easy and rewarding to observe that this entry was about praise for your Guide.
I have read most of your work but have been silent because I thought you were attempting to communicate with other women and as a brother it was important to stand back and quietly observe.
This also may be true of others. You are a very good writer and your stories [lectures] are well thought out