"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Monday, March 03, 2014

A Scavenger Hunt, a Snowy Day and a BIG HOP to..

OK...being snowed in wasn't too bad an experience for the first weekend of March.
More than showing an empty cup from the comfort of steaming hot chocolate, I have accomplishments to give value for my time spent warmly tucked in.

I finished reading an excellent novel,
In the Shadow of Jezebel. I wrote a review, began work on a devotional, and made several comments on FB and Google+, hoping my friends would join in the SCAVENGER HUNT Blog Hop and win the prizes. I even had some time to work on my personal notes and comments containing several favorite sections in the book.
Through this online connection with her fans, I now call the author, Mesu Andrews, a new friend and look forward to reading more of her biblical fiction books.

I also enjoyed hopping to new blog sites and reading reviews in my participation in the Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop hosted by Tina Chen @ Mommynificent. Hurry, dear readers!
This HOP is only for a couple more days (March 1-4)
Good Reads
I had so much fun blog hopping! I found new authors and more books to add to my personal list of "books I'd like to read" on Good Reads.
I'm beginning to think that my summer leisure list is being planned out quite rapidly, even before the snow has melted and the blossoms decorate the gardens!
Tina Chen

But really, who cares about snow when packed suitcases are lining the free spaces of the rooms? We are going to actually HOP on a plane and visit this Scavenger Hunt host and her family.
Our "End this Winter thing" begins when packages start to arrive at the door and piles of curriculum books rapidly grow in the spare bedroom. We add shopping items making new piles, and finally, we turn the calendar page and pull out suitcases and scales to evenly pack all our collected items.
In just hours, we leave this frigid air, the snow, and the remains of a long winter and board a plane for a real HOP...

As I work around the house, I remember that hit song "Leaving on a jet plane..." and smile.

We're glad for Skype and photos sent through internet outlets, but nothing compares to the real hugs waiting for us on a warm tropical island. It's so fun to actually see how tall the grandchildren have become, or maybe it's just how much more we're beginning to bend over in old age!
We love the scenes and feel of this tropical island, but even more we love to become part of the daily routine of our loved ones and watch them perform home school assignments, laugh and play in their yard, and visit the favorite places they've discovered in our year's absence.

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