"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Monday, January 04, 2016

Jesus Led Me All the Way

Majestic peaks penetrate above the clouds
            What an awesome God I serve!
I gazed at the Alps through the window of the plane..
In that same awe-struck wonder I read God's Word of his majestic and continual care for me.
How can my mere words exclaim His benefits, His goodness, His love and His involvement in my life?

Our devotional group has jumped into 2016 with Daily Light on the Daily Path for a year of accountability. A small paragraph each morning and again, each evening, contain only the Word of God in the NIV translation.
The preface states that one doing this exercise for a year, will have covered a doctrinal Bible course. Knowing this, each day, I contemplate which doctrine the passages are pointing me to consider.

The dawn of January 3rd began a day-long blessing of meditating on His Word! I read the assigned passage under the subtitle of Psalm 107:7
"He led them by a straight way". 
Focused on God's involvement in his servant's life, reading moved on to Deuteronomy 32:10-12 and the verbs in this passage erupted praise within me.

Refreshment to my very soul was like a cool drink from the Living Water. He is personally involved in my life with very strong verbs of action. My belief is affirmed because He is trustworthy. As I read the words of this small devotional, memories flooded my mind, gliding over years of walking with Him. These verbs could be the writing my life story.
The Presence of God is very real in me.
He has...
From birth, He was introduced to me as "God". I was taught directly from the Bible. The OT stories were examples of what my God would be to me. Then, I was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ who wanted to bring me to God. He led me to the CROSS where I encountered His deep love. He became my shield and guard and the lover of my soul. In the shadow of the cross, His covenant became more and better with a closeness immeasurably real.

Majestic Clouds of My God's Creation
He constantly...
He gave me His Spirit. He gave me His glory. His goal is my hope. His preparing will be mine. His promise of His Presence is my constant. He clothed me for all eternity. He sealed me. And so much more!
My God's Word, Jesus Christ, experienced everything I would on earth, being tempted in every point as I am. He redeemed me completely and declared me "Not Guilty.

He continually will
Now, He is standing before my God and praying for me. He makes a way for me...a straight way of escape. He equips and empowers me. He instructs and teaches me.

Oh what a wonderful God I have!
And today, with tear-blurred eyes of praise, I proclaim "THANK YOU for YOUR steadfast love!"

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