"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Monday, March 25, 2013

Family Moments

My inbox is full of drafts that need editing before posted.
I hope to catch up in the remaining days of this month.
I'm on a new path in this spiritual climb which made me put aside writing for a short time in order to restore my soul. With Dad's "home-going", my life changed drastically and needs to adjust to the changes made me very weary and overwhelmed.
first visitors to hospital
I've taken the last few months in relaxation and rest.

As with every good hike, resting places along the path are very welcomed. My break took me to the Far East to visit family and spend time with grandchildren. Their vitality for life, enthusiasm for adventure, active imaginations and creativity, and their many activities renewed my spirit.

God gave an added blessing to my family on Valentine's Day when our very first grandson made his debut. Malachi Immanuel was welcomed with great joy and squishy hugs from his 3 older sisters! There's no better reason to just sit around relaxing and accomplishing nothing than to cuddle and snuggle a newborn! I really enjoyed watching him change every day.

"Good morning, Grandma!"
My favorite times were with the older 3 girls each morning. They would noisily burst out of their bedroom while the roosters crowed and try to be the first to bounce on my bed and find their spot. When each was snuggled in and comfortable, we would spend a few minutes in the Word of God together, reading little devotionals written for kids. It was good to pause and consider God's unfailing love through passages of Scriptures.

We responded in praise to God with favorite songs and little memory stories.
We giggled and chuckled through most of our tunes and stories.

One old hymn I taught them with the help of motions was "The Bible Stands". What awesome words can encourage us at the start of each new day! There is a stability in God's Word. Truth stands undaunted like a rock! No circumstance, no enemy, no rumble in the mountains or tremble in the earth causes Truth to fail. Truth is absolute and stands the tests of time.
Because God revealed Truth, our faith stands in confidence.
Living by faith placed in the Truth is the greatest legacy I can give to my precious ones.

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