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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Redeemed Dust Shines as Stars

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Our detour in the study of Malachi took us to the home of Abraham, the grandfather of the "children of Jacob". Here, hidden in the foothills of God's promises, we found a distinction of offspring.

The first promise is found in Genesis 13:16 "I will make your offspring as the DUST of the earth." This was given to Abram as he gazed over the huge land territory where God was promising to settle his offspring and make his name great. A photo of a plowed field illustrates dust for us, blowing around with every wind, unstable and movable, shifting, affected by its environment, and deteriorating in nutrients and substance without rest from labor.
With land in sight, Abram settled his tent and there he built an
altar of worship, thanking His Creator God for his provision and care.

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In Genesis 15:5-6, there is another blessing given to Abraham.  "Look toward the heaven, and number the STARS, if you're able to number them...So shall your offspring be. And he believed the LORD and He counted it to him as righteousness." Millions of stars shining brightly in darkness, declaring the majesty of their Creator, lighting paths, giving direction, yet so stable, dependable in following their Master plan.

Comparing the two occasions of promise, we can see a trail of those who reject God and those who walk by faith in the goodness of God. We also noticed a difference in Abram's second response. This time his heart was involved as he gazed on God's omnipotence in the heavens. He acknowledged the Almighty Presence of God, believed the Word of God, which began a relationship of faith with his Divine Friend. He was forever changed. His faith was counted to him as righteousness. God even changed His name to Abraham, meaning "the father of a multitude of nations". This birth of faith offspring began in heaven and would span all nations, having no boundaries in their expanse.

In faith, Abraham grasped the difference between dust and stars, the natural birth and the spiritual birth. Abraham received a physical promise of offspring, naturally passed on through the composition of DUST inherited in the lineage of Adam by Creation. With this offspring, he would fill the land given as his inheritance.
Through faith, he also received the honor of fatherhood to a spiritual offspring who would believe God's word and walk by faith in the power of God. When God pointed his gaze to the STARS, a spiritual eternal family was born through Abraham's "Seed" of faith in his "offspring, who is Christ" (Galatians 3:16) ,  passing on the riches of his glorious inheritance to his spiritual children.
"Know then that it is those of faith who are the sons of Abraham." (Galatians 3:7)

Understanding that the story path leads two different ways through Abraham's offspring, helps us grasp those disputing with God in Malachi. We see God is urging Dust to grasp the reality of their circumstances, their hopelessness and helplessness. Their rejection of God's righteousness leaves them vulnerable to evil which only ends in judgment. The Dust family attempts to keep rules and regulations their own way, but their end is "shame and everlasting contempt". (Daniel 12:2)
Faith in God on the other hand leads to life and wisdom. Faith gives strength and courage to follow Him in obedience. Stars rely on the Word and God is their Light, shining through them and lighting the darkened path. God's Word "became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:12) and is the "Seed" God promised Abraham.

Through mercy and grace, God declares DUST to shine as STARS through faith in His Son!

CHALLENGE In Adam's Dust, the cross was raised which held the Son of the living God, the "seed" of Abraham. Through faith in His atoning love, we receive "the right to become sons of God". (John 1:12) By his blood, Jesus paid it all and declares us "not guilty". He offers Life through His righteousness.. 
Has you released your Dust through faith in his glorious Life and Light?

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