"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Saturday, January 04, 2014

A New Study for A New Year

LORD, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days seems like the perfect prayer for the very first 28 days of a brand new year.
I've asked five girlfriends to join me in accomplishing this new goal, although I would welcome anyone else to encourage me in this endeavor.
Our plan is to take this "very practical, hands-on, learn-by-doing Precepts' Ministry book by Kay Arthur and use the tools in her instructions for personal Inductive daily studies. We are going to accomplish this study in 28 days...meeting 4 times, but faithfully doing a chapter per day in the study.

Through this simple means we want to learn how to study the Bible in such a way that we discover truth for ourselves. The inductive approach is described in the Inductive Study Bible as a method that brings you directly to the Word of God apart from another's understanding or interpretation of the text, and involves three skills: observation, interpretation, and application. 

Each Tuesday morning we plan to come together to discuss the techniques we've learned over the past week,  glean any special insights benefited in our studies, encourage one another to keep moving forward and to especially pray together. We also plan to journal any parts we found difficult, confusing, or overwhelming so that we become familiar with this type of study and learn helpful hints from each other. We also want to prepare a path of study for future groups.

Most of all, we plan to be held accountable as we dedicate these next 28 days to the Inductive study of the Bible.
Want to join us?

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