"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Colorful Review for Bible Study...

Through January, I had a small group of ladies join me in my first attempt to teach this LORD series from Precepts Ministries with Kay Arthur. This group of publishers are well know as the "Markers"
- students of Bible studies who do an inductive study by marking with symbols and colors. Many are overwhelmed with the details of the study, and never even take the smallest bite of INDUCTIVE Bible study because of the fear of these details.

Knowing this, I chose to simplify even more for beginners under my guidance. I chose to be consistent through the study with only 3 colors and rarely mark in more detail.
You see, for many years, I've used 3 basic colors and have learned to consistently use them for three relational categories.
1. YELLOW - My Relationship in Christ
2. BLUE - My Relationship in the Body of Christ (church)
3. RED - My Relationship in the Work of Christ (non-churched)
I use them for living out my priorities, showing in a Day Timer the relationship represented and encouraging a balance in my life. I've learned to study the Bible, using these three colors to let me see at a glance what relationship it emphasizes. Finally, in the last few months, I've used these 3 colors to pray (as described in this post) for the 3 relationship groups in my life.
FB NKCWC Connection
I even took a huge step and agreed to be the local Prayer Coordinator for using these 3 colors to show how women can:
1. YELLOW - CONNECT with God
2. BLUE - CONNECT with each other,
3. RED - CONNECT with ladies in their community.

It has been an exciting path of learning for me, so I thought I would once again, pass it on.

Here it is:
My purpose is to show myself that I can keep my mind focused on Christ and give him glory in all my relationships. Colossians 1:17
So, while reading a Bible passage, I look for any revelation about God and his personal relationship with me. I highlight it in YELLOW.  These phrases emphasize first of all my relationship with God, as Creator and what He has revealed through Scriptures about Himself. Then, my position IN CHRIST because of his atonement on my behalf draws me to who He is to me. This draws my thoughts to his glory, splendor, and majesty and His gifts of grace and mercy.
The second color is BLUE. I chose blue because of the blood that I see running just below my skin and giving life to my body parts. Life is in the blood. Spiritually, I was adopted into God's family of believers when I accepted the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse me of all unrighteousness. His family is royal. His family is unique and throughout the New Testament, there are characteristics that describe members of His family. These I color in blue so that I can learn to make them part of my choices and character.
Finally, I use RED to remember the stop sign I wish to put in unbelievers pathways so that they have an opportunity to consider Christ for the forgiveness of their sin. There are many passages that warn such people to stop and turn around on their paths, accepting God's gift of GRACE. Any warning or characteristic of these unbelievers I highlight in red to keep me aware of the need for the message of reconciliation to be proclaimed. 

Just using these 3 relationships and showing them in our study with the 3 colors helped each of the ladies understand our relationship in Christ, our relationship in the Body of Christ and the behaviors that grow this relationship. Finally, it also showed us the need of reconciliation and the behaviors that displease God. From this, we learned to apply the living Word of God to our lives and realize our task of discipleship. 

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