"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Results Are In

Well, my first attempt of featuring a nearby business at the Women's Connection was a great success.

Of course, I only invited the guests, and planned for my Asian Feature to graciously began our evening and set the atmosphere for a wonderful evening.

Our feature was the Hunan Garden Restaurant in Kearney, MO, with the owner, JOY serving as our caterer and special guest.

For the buffet table, Joy's family brought in steaming hot plates of Honeyed Chicken, 
Fried Rice, 
Crab Ragoon, 
and Egg Rolls.
Then they changed their apparel to beautiful Chinese outfits of bright red and gold. The girls adorned formal wear of different styles, and even added some beautiful hats!
Victor, the leader was in vivid red vest and Uncle Xi wore a beige vest. Both men looked so classy with their bow ties at the neck of their white shirts.

They decorated a makeshift stage at the front of the room with Chinese figurines and flowered banners to give more to the Asian atmosphere.
The girls were so beautiful as they sang with sweet voices. Victor brought one of his young gorgeous students to grace us with a vocal performance.
Uncle Xi was fantastic on his harmonica and wow, Vivian, the daughter played a Chinese instrument that was so peaceful.
With the use of a borrowed keyboard, Victor accompanied many of the solos. He also played some specials and honored us with an awesome solo while Vivian accompanied him on the keyboard.
Tears blurred my vision with the passion of love heard in their song for their homeland, China, and their group "thank you" song brought a huge applause. they had treated us with a beautiful program, and then, topped it off with gracefulness and gratitude!

The night didn't end with music though.
We had an awesome speaker from Arkansas.

Linda Goff gave her personal story of victory over a food addiction. She retold the agony of her out-of-control appetite and how she cried out to God for help after every imaginable diet had failed her, and she realized the waste of her life, relationships and purposes.
Her voice peacefully and melodically gave praise to her Creator and all credit of victory was given to her Father God who reminded her through His precious Word that He would honor faith, even if it was the size of a mustard seed.
We saw the before/after photo, yet her success stood before us and made us praise such a loving, caring, awesome God. her peace of mind and intense love for her Savior was so evident as she spoke to us, challenging each lady in attendance to trust the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

She sold many copies of her book which you can find at
As the evening closed, many ladies ventured to the front to visit with Linda and then, as they left the room, they commented on their pleasure for the evening.
The Skinny Budget Diet

Our team was encouraged to invite our "Feature Creatures" - JOY and her family back for another night of catered Honeyed Chicken and Fried Rick so we could have more time to hear their beautiful music again.

February 20 - NKC Women's Connection meets again in the large room at the Souder Family Funeral Home for another monthly evening of entertainment and challenge. Will you be in attendance?
You can keep up with the happenings at NKC Women's Connection
Hope to see you there!!

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