"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD...He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." Micah 4:2

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Little is Much when God is in it...

Sometimes, the very things we think are simple and mundane daily chores are what actually influence others. It is often the little things that give God’s people godly influence. 
In the novel, Miriam by Mesu Andrews, I read of a wonderful biblical heroine who was constantly helping the sick and wounded. She cared for her elderly parents, meeting their physical needs, encouraging moments of victory when defeat was inevitable, and soothing their decaying bodies during tough times. All the household tasks of daily activities fell to Miriam, and she did them naturally, discretely, and with much love and care for her family.

She was a kind neighbor who constantly looked for ways to bless, lift up, encourage, point others to her God, "El Shaddai". As her people, the Hebrews, lived and served the Egyptians, cultural practices caused her to caution them in correction or instruction so they would remain faithful to their God. She spent quality time with younger ones trying to mentor their hearts toward the God. She initiated conversations to help loved ones see the effect of their choices. She did all these little things as naturally as breathing, loving the inner relationship she shared with her precious God. 
Unfortunately, at sometime, she had been convinced that her worth was found in the big things. She held tightly to El Shaddai’s as hers alone. She believed her position gave her prestige over others because He had chosen her. She believed only big splashes of visions and dreams had the power to influence people. Elevated importance was hers because El Shaddai spoke to her alone. She proudly held herself aloof as one who could physically “feel” the Presence of God. 

Anyone could do the "little things" in chores, meals, laundry, shopping, and even visiting neighbors. Because her heart was tuned only to the big things, she needed to learn that “little is much when God is in it”.
Author, Mesu Andrews, did an excellent job in dialogue. Miriam had several with other characters showing her influence and love. Also, the thoughts Miriam secretly verbalized to the readers were questions many face in their daily routines.  
I enjoyed the heart provoking "God-silences" Miriam experienced and her searching for what “used to be” as she struggled to accept the newness freedom offered.

El Shaddai demonstrating his love in tangible ways to her, teaching her little by little to accept His perfect Way caused me to marvel at the mercy and grace we experience from our loving God. He patiently showed her to accept every touch from Him as big and purposeful for His glory and as his daughter, she was worthy.

As she grew in her understanding of Yahweh, Miriam learned to “feel” the Presence of God in the people of God, the servant of God, a brother, a good friend, and even the younger followers. Her heart began to recognize God’s love for her came through the work He did in others.
Throughout the transition from slavery to freedom, Miriam is challenged to consider Yahweh from other people’s perspective. Her God moved her from visions/dreams to listening to His spoken word through the mouth of her brothers, Moses and Aaron. By choosing Moses to lead, with Aaron in second command, Miriam learned vital life lessons of God's greatness, and how He is working in the lives of others to grow faith. She learned to accept their intimacy with Almighty God and to follow behind when they were given commands to move forward.  
And finally, Miriam learned the vital role God asked. She was to work together with other servants of the living God in order to bring His people to the Promise Land.

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